It's getting official.

I'm here for it all. I'll snag the must-have shots, the in-between moments, and help curate an experience

that I hope you'll be able to look back on and feel the way you felt on that day. Your wedding day is incredibly unique to you, and I'd be lucky to be apart of it and surround you with positivity and warmth!

We can figure out the best timeline and make sure we're making the most out of the time we have together, pinky promise.

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Wedding Investments

 starting at 4k

booking 2024-2025

Please send as much information you have about your wedding plans so far and I'll be sure to provide you with a wedding guide that will go in depth with hours of coverage, add-ons and FAQs.

I want to make sure you can be as informed as possible before we chat more!

Thank you so much! xoxo

the nicest words

the nicest words

Zeke + Emily

Thank you Beth!!!

My wife and I are so lucky to have had Beth as our photographer. She shot our engagement photos and our wedding, both of which turned out wonderfully. Beth’s ability to make you feel like the oldest of friends is unmatched! We had an amazing time. To book a different photographer would be a mistake.

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