Hi, Hello -


I'm Beth (she/her), but my best friends call me Betty, and ooh what do you know, it looks like we're friends now, so feel free! I always have a smile plastered on my face and generally a Nikon slung on my shoulder. I have a BA of Fine Arts and have always been incredibly interested and passionate about all mediums of art and expression.

I've always felt the need to be really connected to people, and being in this industry has fulfilled that need more than I ever anticipated.

It's never lost on me.

A lil more about me.

I am obsessed with my friendships, I believe they are my true soulmates in life and once I love you, I'm so sorry I'll love you forever. I grew up on a farm in Upstate NY with my amazing family, and I believe that experience is a huge contributing factor that has shaped the way I do business. I attribute a strong work ethic from all the hard work that goes into being apart of a family biz, and with the inevitable sacrifices, nothing beats the freedom of building a lovely life while working for yourself.

In my work I gravitate toward using natural light and landscapes, but have been falling in love with cozy sessions at home and including more architecture in my work. I really love to photograph you somewhere that's special to you or showcases who you are.

all are welcome here. love is love.