30 min session
20+ images
Online downloadable gallery
2-3 weeks
Full print permission


engagements / couples

45 - 1hr Session
75+ images
Online downloadable gallery
2-3 weeks
Full print permission



45 - 1hr session
75+ images
Online downloadable gallery
2-3 weeks
Full print permission


Frequently Asked Qs -

Will you help me figure out what to wear?!

Yes, yes absolutely!! I am thrilled when a client texts me with options of what they are thinking of wearing! We definitely want to make sure your outfits compliment the location and represents YOU!

Do you have locations that you like to shoot at?

I certainly have some favorite spots in Upstate NY that I know will lend us to some stellar portraits, but I'm always up for something new! I'd say 50% of the locations I've found are just from driving around and asking people if I can shoot on their property ;) As long as it's public / legal / we get the a-okay, I'm down!

I'm so nervous about being in front of the camera- HELP!?

Honestly, same. It's totally intimidating to be the center of attention, but truly, we've got this. We'll get to know one another, be super goofy, and by the time we're done you'll never want to stop being photographed (I hope)!

I also think people are so beautiful when they're happy, and I'm hoping when you're with the best person / people in your life and sharing that with me , it'll all show in your faces :)

What kind of gear do you use?!

I'm a full-on Nikon gal! I have 2 camera bodies that I use regularly ( & an extra backup just in case) with a myriad of lenses to get all the goods!

Your images will always write onto two memory cards during your session / wedding and backed up in multiple places as soon as I get to my office. I will also never clear off the OG memory card until you receive your beautiful images!

Do you have Insurance?

Yes! I have liability insurance, and if your venue ever requires that, I can supply one anytime!


At the moment I don't offer printing services, but can recommend my favorite online printers. I also totally support helping you find someone local to you as well!